The Show Una Saga Serbica

The beauty of the Balkans, its history, heritage, culture and above all, its dances are an infinite source of inspiration for many artists. By combining steps, words, notes, colors and people, we came up with the idea to create a new perspective of the local culture  thus showing, in a unique way, the beauty of past times.

The dance troupe Una Saga Serbica  show, through play, music, costumes, set design, serves as a time vacuum that will generate a new tradition.



By respecting the limited character of the original folklore we’ve added new dance formations. The medley of dances if performed by young professionals who cherish the art of dancing. We revived the story on stage by using the 3D mapping technology which, in a very unique way, combines the dance and visual experience. Well-known folk rhythms get a refreshing array of new notes that will surprise fans of local music and amuse first time listeners.

United styles, visual effects, unique blend of modern choreography melts into a fusion of modern beauty of the Balkans by creating a new form of artistic communication.
With a desire to inspire future generations to continue to nurture the folklore culture, the show strives to resurrect  our dance heritage by presenting it to new audiences.